U is for Uniforms
October 20, 2020
U is for Uniforms

Dressing up for work can be a joy and a chore depending on how it is perceived. Some persons even use it as an outlet to express themselves as well as gauge their moods. However, organizations are now more focused on the importance of brand identity and uniformity, when and how this is represented by their staff. JACDEN understands that cost associated with uniforms is sometimes challenging, as such, we offer quality and affordable options for organizations interested in trotting on a uniformed path. Although uniforms seem to favour the employers, employees can benefit as well.

Saves time and money

    A uniform instantly saves time and reduces stress by taking away that difficult decision of choosing what to wear. That extra time may be better used elsewhere, thereby increasing productivity. Whether it be eating breakfast or catching up on work, more importantly, is to catch those extra bucks. Annually, many persons spend a lot of money buying new clothes for work especially at the start of the new year, donning uniforms provides you with one less expense to worry about and saves you huge sums of money.

    Brand Identity

    A uniform essentially is branding and advertising, organizations especially those with a large staff compliment usually supply uniform to increase visibility and brand identity. The most important representatives of your brand will always be your employees. When employees wear uniform with company’s logo, it creates a unified image in consuming public’s eyes, ultimately assists product identity.

    A feeling of equality

    Uniform brings everyone to a similar platform, irrespective of socio-economic background, it inculcates a feeling of equality and foster a feeling of identity within the organization.



    Although you are wearing a uniform, you can still add your personal flair to it. Accessories help you to bring your own personality to a company’s uniform. Always keep in mind the policy and rules of the organization, governing uniform. However, express yourself! Uniformity does not mean similarity.

    Wear your fit

    For many, the idea of getting clothes fitted properly is not of major importance. However, this is one of the key indicators of professionalism. Wear clothes that conform with your shape with just the right amount of room to let you breathe, while disguising any flaws you may not wish to reveal.

    Clean uniforms work

    Dirty uniforms do not only stain the image of the brand you are promoting but tells a lot about your hygiene practices or the lack thereof. Clean uniforms are essential, especially as brand ambassador. Spend time to use the right cleaning agents, such as the ones manufactured by JACDEN to sustain your pristine look and feel.


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