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La Pradera is a medical facility embedded in a serene setting like a five-star hotel. La Pradera is equipped with many forms of medicine, from traditional western medicine to acupuncture and traditional Indian medicine. La Pradera offers a wide array of rehabilitation programs from drug abuse, stroke rehab, athletic rehab and rehab for chronic fatigue. With uniquely designed programs, patients recover away from the hustle and bustle of everyday society on the picturesque 17-hectare property. Fully equipped with walking paths, horseback riding and sporting activities, patients receive treatment in a wide array of disciplines while feeling like they are on holiday.

Accommodations vary from hotel-style rooms to private villas. Accommodations can be retrofitted with special equipment to fit the needs of the patient and their family.

PRODUCT: La Pradera Jamaica
La Pradera Jamaica will be a facility created in Tower Isles Jamaica by JACDEN GROUP in collaboration with La Pradera CUBA. LA Pradera Jamaica property will be designed by Jamaicans with a footprint designed in collaboration with La Pradera Cuba. The facility will be outfitted with equipment and personnel trained by our Cuban counterparts. The Programs will be formulated in collaboration with our partners to meet our local and international needs. Some critical programs will include:
• Quality of life
• Chronic fatigue
• Weight loss and nutrition
• Drug rehabilitation
• Therapeutic exercise for athletes
• Management of diabetic ulcers

La Pradera Jamaica will be set on 6 acres overlooking the sea and will be a holistic mind, body, and soul
healing centre the first of its kind in Jamaica.

Medical tourism is a billion-dollar industry globally. While Jamaica is a tourism mecca, we continue to offer sea, sand, and sun as the mainstay of our tourism. A medical tourism facility will enhance the offerings by Jamaica for tourism increasing revenue and ultimately having a positive effect on Jamaica’s GDP. Employment at such a facility will be of interest to all the stakeholders trained locally and offer an alternative to leaving our shores to gain lucrative employment.

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