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LABIOFAM is an arm of BIOCUBAFARMA focusing on animal health, the environment, plastic manufacturing, and healthy foods. Among their many products are two compounds for the eradication of mosquito larvae.


Bio Larvicidal  Bio Larvicide is a liquid used in the eradication of mosquito larvae. Bio Larvicide works when applied to water surfaces eradicating the larvae within 24 hours. The larvicide has applications in both stagnant and potable water. Potable water can be consumed immediately after application without risk to humans.

Jamaica’s mosquito eradication program has been based on airborne chemicals, attacking the mosquito in the adult stage of its life cycle. Mosquitos causing illnesses such as Dengue, Chick-V and ZIca are domestic, and the use of airborne repellents poses a hazard to citizens with airway diseases. Airborne repellents used in Jamaica are hazardous and are fatal when ingested in contaminated water.

The products from LABIOFAM are bio-larvicides and will attack the mosquitoes in their larval stage. In the life cycle of a mosquito, the larvae are found in stagnant water, making this product ideal for use in gullies etc. The domestic nature of the mosquitos brings them into contact with potable water storage. Bio Larvicide is safe for human consumption, making it ideal for use in areas where potable water is commonly stored.



Probiotic Yogurt  Another product of LABIOFAM is its Probiotic Yogurt. Probiotic yoghurt is a plant-based yoghurt that is sugar-free and provides the full benefits of yoghurt, the probiotic component will enhance the growth of good bacteria in the gut to maintain healthy gut flora.

Jamaica has an ageing population with a longer life expectancy. An older age cohort is more prone to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). A critical component of managing patients with NCDs and cancers is their special dietary needs. Special diets are expensive to maintain and can lead to many days of excessive hospital stay in the absence of these special diets. As such, this probiotic yoghurt is ideal for most special diets. Probiotic yoghurt will provide the filling effect, as it helps with the regeneration of healthy bacteria in the stomach, augmenting the healing process. The low sugar content of this product makes it ideal for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

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