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Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology is a(( closed-loop research and technology centre. Through research and development, they have produced vaccines of international standards. Some vaccines made by CIGB include the Hepatitis B vaccine and an HPV vaccine comparable to CERVIRAX. Of great significance, is that CIGB developed a vaccine for the management of SARS-COVID-19, Abdala.

Abdala is a vaccine against SARS-COVID-19 that has completed its phase three trials and is currently on the list to be approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use. Abdala has a ninety-three (93%) efficacy against SARS COV-19 and has been used in children from age 5 years and upwards. This is significant as most other vaccines are still experimenting and evaluating accurate doses for children btw ages 5 and 12 years Abdala is proven to have eight-month protection after administration in three doses fourteen days apart. Abdala has a one hundred per cent (100%) efficacy in preventing severe disease and a one hundred per cent (100%) efficacy in preventing death in immunized patients. Abdala is stable at 2-8 degrees Celsius with no need to freeze, making its cold chain logistics easy to manage.

There have been very few side effects, with irritation at the injection site and mild drowsiness for 24 hours being the most common.

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