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Findlay Institute of Vaccines is a biotechnology centre dedicated to the research and development of vaccines. IFV is responsible for 7 of the eleven vaccines routinely given to all Cubans. IFV is responsible for the development of Soberana, Soberana 2 and Soberana Plus.

SOBERANA 2, SOBERANA PLUS are two vaccines created by the IFV against SARS COVID-19. SOBERANA 2 is safe in children and is the primary vaccine used for children in Cuba. The efficacy of SOBERANA 2 is at ninety-four per cent ( 94%), and there have been no major adverse reactions noted, mainly irritation of the spot and mild fever. SOBERANA 2 has a one hundred per cent( 100%) efficacy against hospitalization and a one hundred per cent ( 100%) efficacy from death for the immunized. The regime for SOBERANA 2 is three doses at 14-day intervals. SOBERANA PLUS is a universal booster designed by the IFV. It operates on similar principles as SOBERANA 2 without one transporter molecule. SOBERANA PLUS is a booster for any vaccine modality i.e. mRNA, etc.

Despite the availability of vaccines now in Jamaica, there is hesitancy with only a 23% vaccination rate. Many factors, including misinformation, management and logistic hiccups and mode of messaging have contributed to vaccine hesitancy. One view often shared is that vaccines made by BIG PHARMA are experimental or here to eradicate the black man. There is an inherent trust in Cuban medication as it is a tool to help the “small man.“ The presence of the Cuban vaccines in the space will reduce hesitancy leading to increased vaccination.

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